Critques of JPII's Theology of the Body
I have taught from a book titled Theology of the Body for Teens in 8Th grade CCD (now called Faith Education) for the past four years. I am very dissatisfied with it and believe it is targeted too early. These kids are in a coed classroom and 13-14 years old. most are still concerned with chasing eachother with bottle rockets, stealing dad's beer, fishing, and playing sports. All attempts to try to set this aside for later, high school years, are rebuffed by the little old ladies running our religious education program. Their reasoning is that as kids these days are awash in "sex" from TV to video games, and basically all points of the modern world, they need this education/theology at a younger age than I did - I am 60. Sin is not discussed, abstinace is too harsh, so the fruits of martial bliss and finding God through the body of your spouse is stressed. I am either too old and stupid to grasp all this or something else is amiss. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am just finishing this year's curriculum and need to regroup before another year of the same thing - which is becoming very hard to bear. PS I consider myself a conservative Traditional Catholic. I am a pre-Vatican II kind of guy. If that has any bearing on things I don't know, just thought I'd mention it.

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