Rich, educated not necessarily less active in religion
You know padre for someone who flaunts their education as much as you do< I expect you to argue better.

Padre says
"His point, quite simply, is that it IS the normal Mass for the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church"

Indeed the No bastard is the normal rite at present of the church. i have never said otherwise. seems this point has missed the mark padre.

padre said
"But let us not fall victim to imagining in doing so we are somehow the "real" Church and the other exists as a "Novus Ordo Church." "

Sadly padre this takes no imagining only opening the eyes. Tradition was not nor cannot be excommunicated. the NO church is the one that is not catholic not tradition. we must pray for the return of heretic Rome to eternal Rome . to the True faith. the catholic faith.

padre said
"There is no such an entity as the "Novus Ordo" Church"

Yes there is. sad but so very true. you must either be  very stupid or hopelessly naive to believe what you just typed padre. given all our butting of heads i give you the benefit of the doubt. hopelessly naive

padre said
"There IS the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict 16th, as its head on earth"

Indeed. i've never argued otherwise

padre said
"THAT Church has two Rites for its main body-the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo Missae), and the Extraordinary Form, The so-called "Tridentine" Mass"

The plm with this padre is at present the church has a protestant mass the NO for its normal mass and a catholic mass the Tridentine mass which contrary to the goals and attempts of modernist heretics wasn't replaced.

padre said
"The priests who say the OF are fully valid, fully "Catholic" priests of unquestionable apostolic succession and valid orders"

don't  be too sure of that

padre said
"If you doubt anything I've written, you are at odds with the Church. Period"

No im not

padre said
"If you claim the OF is an invalid Rite"

Again i ask how can a protestant mass be valid?

padre said
"Real change comes from within an organization, and will take time"

Indeed the modernist have shown us that haven't they padre?

padre said
"We will never be what we were in the 1950's"

Who said anything about returning to the 50's? nice straw man

padre said
"And thanks be to God for that! The innovations found in the Church after Vatican 2 did not pop out of thin air. They arrived at from men and women raised in the pre-V2 Church. Many so-called "trad's" seem to ignore that fact."

No i don't ignore that its called modernism and its been around along time. another straw man padre. you seem to be full of them

let me help you in nomine patre

ARCHBISHOP MARCEL LEFEBVRE used that term in referring to the NO. He was a far far far far Holier catholic then you or me that's for sure. so pls take your mouth away from your ass. though i admit for you that's where it belongs

if you don't know who this Holy Archbishop was and who this saint is go here.

here is a pic to help you
[Image: 2qanviq.jpg]

Yeah I know all about him. Fact is that SSPX Bishop L was excommunicated. Just the facts. I dont agree with that, but thats how it currently stands, until, if, lifted. I dont prefer the NO but if thats all they have at a given date and time, I go. Still has the real presence.

AS for your always condenscending comments see if you can figure this one out: FY
While scratching your head  please dont get too much sawdust on the floor.
snore snore
im sorry did you spew something in nomine patris?
(04-10-2010, 08:14 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: CHRIST knows full well the NO is a bastard as does the holy father. Few can argue the NO isn't a bastard.

It's not that you are wrong about this.  Properly understood, the claim being made with this term is correct.  However, it is likely that it won't be understood and all that people will get from it is that you are insulting the Mass.  It is just more likely to lead to bad feeling than to communication.

Your main problem, DK, is your lack of clarity . . . and your vile sense of humour.  Your two main problems are your lack of clarity and your vile sense of humour . . . and your bad spelling.  Your three main problems are your lack of clarity and your vile sense of humour and your bad spelling . . .  and your tactlessness . . .

HA!  Nobody expects a take off on the "Spanish Inquistion" skit.  ;D
i come by it naturally lass
(04-10-2010, 11:30 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: snore snore
im sorry did you spew something in nomine patris?

Devoted Knucklehead.
That's all you got
Thats all you need or deserve.
Sure whatever back to the thread

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