Rich, educated not necessarily less active in religion
(04-13-2010, 02:11 PM)littlerose Wrote:
(04-13-2010, 01:16 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(04-13-2010, 12:44 PM)littlerose Wrote: This is exactly why I pushed my questions as hard as I did. The sense of familiarity that allows us to accept something we once questioned is not the same as having had the questions answered,  We do have a more strict line between priestly status and the laity in the Traditional culture, and along with that a higher expectation of behavioral differences between those who claim the title and those who don't.  Novus Ordo Catholics are indeed far more tolerant of priestly casual "off duty" behavior than Traditionals.  Not that we don't allow our priests to be themselves, but we do understand that whenever they are claiming the title they are also claiming the autority that goes with it.  We respect Catholic priests and we have a sense of obedience to them that, as we tragically know, can lead to exploitation of trust.  That is why priests normally have some form of reference ready to openly answer questions. We have the right to know that a priest in good standing is backed up with solid credentials.

You pushed your questions because you were angry at him for saying some things you did not like.  You made this very clear in a post that I saw before it had to be removed.  You even admitted that you were looking for dirt on him.

We have a right to know if someone is a priest in good standing if he is celebrating a Sacrament that requires a priest.  It's not like fcgv is hearing confession or saying Mass here.  He is participating in discussions. 
I have had discussions with the forum owner in pm concerning the removed thread. I have not been suspended or banned for asking certain questions that should have been asked more privately. I do believe it is customary in most forums that threads deleted by moderators are not allowed to be brought up in new posts. This is especially because the contents can be misrepresented by the person who is disrespecting the forum owner's decision , as is happening here.  I do not wish to  answer JayneK's slanderous remarks because I was not looking for dirt on anyone. But, to answer JayneK's slanderous and libelous post here, I did not assert anything, I asked questions.  The forum owner prefers that those questions be handled privately, and I have several times replied to JayneK's inappropriate and misleading and malicious remarks.
She takes my questions and  imagines "dirt"  must be in the answers and then demands "dirt" be posted to satisfiy her. The thread, being deleted, is forgotten and the matter left to fcgv and others to handle as fcgv prefers. JayneK inserts herself to keep the supposed "dirt" public.

JayneK, all I have to say to you, for about the third time, is : stop meddling in something about which you are 100% IGNORANT, both in the particulars and as a Catholic. You are IGNORANT about the actual expectations of Catholics related to our priests. You are Jewish. You are not Catholic, except as a convert who has received Sacraments and who studies Catholic Doctrine as if  it is the Talmud and the  Mishnah.  I have full respect for Jewish scholarship and theology as far as the Bible is concerned, but I am Catholic and I am insisting that you, JayneK, stop trying to play victim cards. You are on the wrong side of that particular deck when you get involved in defending people against others who ask questions that do not concern you.

Whoa Whoa WHOA!  "you are jewish, you are not catholic except as a convert"

Thats NOT how the Church see's it. Once baptized she IS CATHOLIC. PERIOD
You have a lot of nerve to say something like that

then "I have full respect for jewish :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: BUT
theres always a BUT, then the salvo is fired.

I am a cradle catholic, probably U R too, and if someone of a different faith see's something that causes them to convert, maybe they see something you dont. In God's eyes she IS a catholic.

JAYNEK IS A CATHOLIC... :readrules:

(04-13-2010, 01:21 PM)HotRod Wrote: But the opinions of Priests carry more weight than other peoples opinions, at least for me.  They are the Officers of the Church Militant, the Generals leading us into battle against the forces of evil. Everyone representing themselves as such, should be able to back up that claim to the best extent possible, without violating basic common sense rules if internet privacy. 

So even if there are no sacraments involved, if someone claims to be a priest, it is reasonable for us to want to be reasonably sure he is one.  As far as that goes Jayne, your post vouching that you recognize the initials matched to the place he claimed, is reasonable enough for me, at least enough so I wont be on his back here on the forums about it anymore.  But to ask the question is legitimate on our part.

In these times with so many priests of questionable orthodoxy, I think it is necessary to evaluate a post by a priest on its own merits.  While I believe that fcgv is a validly ordained priest, I don't want to be responsible for you giving his opinions more weight.
I pay special attention to what any priest says, regardless of if they are Trad or not, FSSP, SSPX, NO, liberal, orthodox, or whatever.  They have a viewpoint that very different from mine, and that makes what they say and do very interesting to me.  That doesnt mean that I just do what any priest tells me though.  Unfortunatly, that is not true for everyone.  Father so and so said birth control is ok, and thats good enough foe me, seems to be a common problem right? 
(04-13-2010, 02:50 PM)HotRod Wrote: I pay special attention to what any priest says, regardless of if they are Trad or not, FSSP, SSPX, NO, liberal, orthodox, or whatever.  They have a viewpoint that very different from mine, and that makes what they say and do very interesting to me.  That doesnt mean that I just do what any priest tells me though.  Unfortunatly, that is not true for everyone.  Father so and so said birth control is ok, and thats good enough foe me, seems to be a common problem right? 

OK, I get what you are saying now.  That makes sense.

JayneK, I'm going to be taking this to another level since you are persisting in this ignorant Jewish assault on the Catholic Church.

Yes, JEWISH assault.  You are hijacking threads and opening others with snide titles, sidling up to men with sexual remarks (I refer here to the remark you made to men in a manner that would be extremely insulting were it made to a woman by a man) in a manner that seems calculated to pander to anti-semitic stereotypes.

You have been repeatedly corrected by Catholics on your misrepresentations and misunderstandings of our doctrines and now you have taken it upon yourself to attack me for asking questions that others also asked about a person's claim to be a priest.  There are frequently people in these Catholic boards who make such claims and they are held to various standards according to the policies set by owners of boards.  

Now, you want to talk about "vendetta"?  Let's go to the one you have against me.

You are itching to get me to post private information ever since I told you I did indeed face off, as a Christian, against the JEWS who literally took over and ATTACKED Christian children in my town.

NEWS BULLETIN< JAYNEK:   Remember that one of the things I poswted about was the practice we discovered, of those particular JEWS  promoting sexual assault on our children because they have an extremely antoi-Catholic custom, which is to promote attacks of their sons on our daughters at "Bar MItzvah" in which the boys apparently are told how to regulate their sex lives, which they start at age 13, and which involveds being told to go after the  "shikssas" but marry a nice Jewish girl.

We actually had to have meetings at the school with the Jewish parents to explain to them that we have different sexual customs and they better damn well learn that our children are NOT their playthings.

You want to fight this out, JayneK, take it back to your original problem, which is Catholics being VERY protective of our children.  You keep insinuating that I was asking about that kind of issue, so why don't you just educate all us stupid Catholics about why certain Jews are so obsessed with childhood sex, starting with FREUD?

Now we freely discuss all kinds of Catholic stereotypes, ethnicities, etc in this board so just own up to the fact that you are exploiting the questions I asked about priestly credentials in order to persist in your original vendetta against me and  against all Catholics who do not allow converts to bring their old religion into the Church alongside  their new-found Catholic faith.
Well I've figured out what littlerose means by accusing me of "playing the victim card".  It means that she is attacking me.  :laughing:
littlerose, you are being unfair and breaking the rules, and this isn't the first time you've done it in this particular way.

Take 3 days enforced vacation from posting.  I would not like to see these types of attacks again.  If you want to argue, argue.  Don't go to ad hominems about people's faith and heritage.

As far as fcgv goes....

Anyone can call themselves a priest.  Right now, I don't think he is a Roman Catholic priest for various reasons, though he may very well have been ordained.  However, in fairness, he could be.

Yesterday  I told him I am going to call around and find out.  He said OK.  I will either do so today or tomorrow, when I have time, and I will state what happened only because he has publicly stated he is a Roman Catholic priest and purposefully given the appearance as such.

That should put an end to that question.  In the meantime, out of fairness let's stop guessing and move on with life.


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