Va. man acquitted of indecent exposure in his home
(04-09-2010, 11:10 AM)littlerose Wrote: "as she drove by" does not sound like she was making an effort to peek inside.... and the second one obviously was within her rights to protect a public sidewalk area as a safe place to walk with a child...

There are good reasons for "privacy" hedges in suburban or semi-urban neighborhoods, after all.....

How fast (or slow) was she driving, and why did the second woman look back as she turned the corner?

the mother of the 7 year-old boy complains about the man being naked but admits she gave the man the finger -- which sets a worse example for the child? 

Once at a street carnival a man leaped out  and flashed me and my mother, and my mother threw her iced drink onto him.    LOL

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