1985 letter: Pope Benedict resisted pleas to defrock pedophile priest
(04-09-2010, 11:03 PM)Aloysius Wrote: do we throw them out on the streets demanding that they fend for themselves?  is that really the best way to protect children?  who is more likely to offend again, a priest who has been defrocked and has no friend in the world?  stripped of the only thing that might have been a redeeming act for him, a means of grace to fight against his twisted desires?  or a priest who is under intensive watch from their bishop, living perhaps in a monastery somewhere away from active ministry with the public, with private masses as their comfort, as something that strengthens them in their resolve.

Until the Pope carries out the demands of Our Lady of Fatima I will find it hard to believe that he acts with good will.  The mandate from Heaven has been sitting in a desk in his office for over 50 years. How much clearer do you want it than a specific instruction from the mother of God backed by a public miracle witnessed by 70,000 people ?????

The best way to protect our children is to cut out this cancer.  Pornographers, pedos and perverts should be executed once found guilty on a court of law.

Dead people cannot spread their sickness.

Men would be a lot healthier if they did not grow up surrounded by twisted sexual ideas.  Their marriages would work more often and womenfolk would be better respected too.  If that means several hundred executions of sickos every year and a reinterpretation of First Amedment rights then that seems a price worth paying.  After all we put up with thousands of road deaths in order to be able to support a modern economy.  What's the difference?

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