1985 letter: Pope Benedict resisted pleas to defrock pedophile priest
(04-09-2010, 06:49 PM)Roy Wrote: So do you think the attorney in this video clip about this story is correct or incorrect?

Well, he's correct and incorrect.

Obviously a concern is scandal.  But that's not the only concern.

The point is this: what does laicizing do?  Does it make him not a pedophile?  Does it make him not a priest?  Does it do anything significant that his bishop couldn't do?  Nope.

What laicizing ultimately does is two things:

1) Stop him from transferring to another diocese where a bishop might allow him to continue.
2) Stop him from calling himself a Catholic priest

Those are the only two things, AFAIK, his bishop can't do.  It's mostly symbolic when it comes to this issue.  No bishop in their right mind is going to take a priest whose folder lists him as a predatory pedophile, so, he's pretty much stuck with the bishop he has.  And even if he is laicized, he can still put on a Roman collar and act like a priest just as you or I can.

So you have Cdl R being asked to laicize a priest when the net practical benefit is close to zero and the net risk is scandal.

This wasn't a case, so far, of stuff being hidden from the police.  The police knew about him, and he was convicted.  IMO, this was a case of a bishop passing the buck to Rome because he didn't want to deal with this pervert in his diocese any more.  He could have assigned the guy to the stacks in a Catholic university buried deep down where he wouldn't see the light of day.  Instead, he wanted to just get rid of him, and Cdl R's response was that it isn't necessarily the best thing to do.

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