1985 letter: Pope Benedict resisted pleas to defrock pedophile priest
(04-10-2010, 04:53 PM)Bonifacius Wrote: Augustine Baker,

I followed your link.  This is the only thing that remotely refers to a suspension:  "Anonymous said...
A crime the liberals in Collegeville took his faculties away."

A post on a blog by an "anonymous" about an otherwise unknown and unsourced suspension, a post without any details and which does not make it clear what the poster is talking about, does not count as a source. 

Are there any legitimate sources that refer to Fr. Marx being deprived of faculties or suspended, etc.?  I.e. reliable sources with names and details?  Thank you.

It's an undisclosed source close to the man himself.  Father Marx suffered a stroke and had memory problems, but considering the hostility I personally witnessed toward Father Marx on the part of "monks" who met him while walking through the halls (like one freddy mercury looking one who had on his fire department uniform), I can't imagine that this suspension of faculties wasn't somehow vindictive in nature.

Indeed, the Abbott made sure to highlight that HLIs activities and Fr. Marx's pro-life witness was HIS belief and the inference was that Fr. Marx's belief isn't necessarily shared by the Abbey as a whole (and it isn't.  I think Obama won hands down at St. John's Abbey at Collegeville in the last election)

The leadership at St. John''s Abbey has a long history of puerile vindictiveness like that.  They're basically homosexual bullies.

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