Proper attitude for a Catholic towards the pedophilia scandal?
(04-09-2010, 10:37 PM)WilfredLeblanc Wrote:
(04-09-2010, 10:14 PM)GeorgeT Wrote:  Angry people who have been looking for a reason to malign the church have now got it. They will try and harrass and shame those who remain in the church. They will try to confuse the arguement of an infallible church citing fallible men. Who cares? Their war is with God not with us.

I don't think blaming the critics works here. The Church's own behavior in this matter is malignant, is it not? Is the Church itself at war with God?

As for missing the distinction between an infallible Church and fallible men, it strikes me that the Church hierarchy itself is a bit confused on that issue. You would think that if the hierarchy really accepted the fallibility of the men of which the priesthood is comprised, they would have handled all this a bit differently.

I'm with you bro.

The Church should not have encourage homos into the priesthood in the first place and any religious found guilty of abuse should have been harshly punished.  The death sentence in some cases would be warranted in my opinion.

The Church swallowed the EVIL liberal bait, hook line and sinker.  All men are basically good, apart from the ones who want to have sex with children, and a few others.  No actually, all men are basically bad and prone to sin.

One only has to be honest with oneself and one understands what the state of man is.  Fatima warned them and they IGNORED it.

The post V2 clerics live with their heads up their own backsides as far as being in touch with reality goes.  Don't shoot, let them burn.

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