Proper attitude for a Catholic towards the pedophilia scandal?
(04-10-2010, 01:45 AM)ggreg Wrote: I'm with you bro.

The Church should not have encourage homos into the priesthood in the first place and any religious found guilty of abuse should have been harshly punished.  The death sentence in some cases would be warranted in my opinion.

The Church swallowed the EVIL liberal bait, hook line and sinker.  All men are basically good, apart from the ones who want to have sex with children, and a few others.  No actually, all men are basically bad and prone to sin.

One only has to be honest with oneself and one understands what the state of man is.  Fatima warned them and they IGNORED it.

The post V2 clerics live with their heads up their own backsides as far as being in touch with reality goes.  Don't shoot, let them burn.

Thanks, ggreg.

Again, I think homosexuality and pedophilia are separate proclivities, and to my thinking, the main problem with encouraging homosexuals to become priests is that it results in a situation whereby the Church is fundamentally talking out of both sides of its mouth. If the Church characterizes homosexuality as "intrinsically disordered" (Isn't that the wording of the Catechism?), what does it say by ordaining homosexuals? That it doesn't take its own teachings seriously? At a minimum, it creates a generalized atmosphere of permissiveness and insincerity in the priesthood, an atmosphere in which men who are sexually attracted to minors are apt to receive far less scrutiny than they deserve because those who would scrutinize them are already turning a blind eye to other behaviors the Church would appear to characterize as perverted. To me, that's the connection between homosexuals and pedophiles in the clergy. You've got a lot of priests and bishops who are themselves living double lives--not criminal lives, mind you, but lives sufficiently compromised to prevent them from being at all confident or resolute in driving out the sickest among them.

Maybe it is indeed possible to have same-sex attraction, abstain from acting on that attraction, and otherwise be a good priest. I'm pretty sure there are a fair number of priests in precisely this situation. But I also get the impression there are a fair number of gay priests with at least episodic sex lives (and a few who are straight and have episodic sex lives, for that matter, though my perception is that, in the current, perverse climate, it almost seems more scandalous for a straight priest to act out than it does for a gay one to act out, because we somehow expect it of the gay priest). And I get the impression that having a high percentage of priests who are homosexually oriented is itself an incentive for priests to be lax in living up to their vows. So perhaps purging the priesthood of gay men is necessary, but again, I don't think we can reduce pedophilia to a variety of homosexuality. Exhibit A is that plenty of the abusing priests, like this Kiesle guy who's the subject of today's brouhaha, have also abused underage girls.

Anyway, as far as homosexuality goes, I'm kind of at the point where I don't believe the Church hierarchy actually believes the Church's historic teachings. I think they avoid changing these teachings out of inertia and because they're scared of the backlash. That's not to say the teachings are wrong, but rather that the general teaching authority of the Church is undermined by this discrepancy. And from there, it's hard not to start questioning some of the Church's most basic claims about itself--like its continuity with the Church founded by Christ with Peter as its first bishop. Can apostolic succession have been lost at some point? Like I say, I could more easily accept a neat distinction between the singer and the song if the singers themselves seemed to embrace that distinction and if the singer and the song were not, in fact, so enmeshed.

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