Proper attitude for a Catholic towards the pedophilia scandal?
(04-09-2010, 11:28 PM)No3456 Wrote: Are you asking, in effect, whether the Church should consider relaxing the rule on priestly celibacy in the Latin Rite?

Quite the obverse.  Apparently the teachings of Chastity and Celibacy need to be enlarged, deepened and made Holy.

i don't think that's necessary.  i don't think there has been a lack of teaching or understanding on the part of priests.  most people who aren't even Catholic can tell you that the Church does not allow priests to marry or have sex of any kind, no exceptions.

the problem is that a few pedophiles (ped•o•phile  n.  An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children)  and a lot of pederasts (ped•er•ast  n. A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy) have gotten into the priesthood.  to do so, they have lied about their sexual proclivities and falsely vowed to be chaste and celibate.

there is evidence that communists infiltrated the priesthood decades ago, with the aim of destroying the Church from within.  the pederasts and pedophiles in the priesthood may, in some or many cases, also be communists, or they may be part of a separate conspiracy to force the Church to allow openly homosexual priests, homosexual marriages, etc.  some may have no political agenda but i suspect that many do. 

only 54 priests have been convicted of pedophile acts in the past 52 years.  that's a fact that the media never mentions.  the media doesn't want people to be aware that the problem is pederasty, not pedophilia.

There are just too many rationalizations.

by whom?  i can't address this statement unless you're more specific.

If a priest is going to be a priest, he's got to be at least a DECENT human being.  Pedophilia is not decent.

agreed, and neither is pederasty decent.  pederasty is the larger problem among priests and the problem the media refuses to name.  the media doesn't like to admit that many homosexuals are pederasts.  they try to avoid showing the seedy side of homosexual life.



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