Proper attitude for a Catholic towards the pedophilia scandal?
Seems like the compartmentalization of this discussion in these micro discoursi devolve into an endless abyss of wonder about what caused the problems in the first place.

Most people don't seem to want or be able to make the connection between various facts. 

Focusing on the issue of pederastic homosexuals, mislabeling it, and not taking into account the real underlying cause of the homosexual problem in the Church in the first place, will invariably play into the hands of the people who want to disuade people from seeing that this is indeed a problem of homosexuals in the Catholic Church, by and large  inserted into the priesthood and utilized by forces outside to bankrupt and discredit the Church from outside later on.

Despite the fact that Communist inflitration of Catholic institutions of higher education (themselves doing their part in corrupting youth in the West), is well documented, iit's not something which is discussed by any of the major media.  They will simply not discuss it because they're not honest, indeed, they're part of the problem.

Jeff Anderson, the author of the current New York Times scandal, is a good example of someone taking existing church documents, many confidential in nature, and twisting the facts of those documents to suit a prearrenged agenda which he has been pursuing for more than 30 years on behalf of an agenda which should be apparent to anyone who's followed the tactics of Communist and National Socialist organizations throughout the 20th Century.

Jeff Anderson is a Democratic Party and ACLU member and takes his ill-gotten gains to buy furnishings for his office from the churches he's pirated, but he also takes that money to support the Democratic Party and its own initiatives for the demoralization and destruction of this country and the "national" Catholic Church.


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