Petition Carlos Slim
(04-11-2010, 12:48 AM)winoblue1 Wrote: I agree that he knew what he was purchasing, however being a businessman does not mean that he doesn't have a soul to save and since he was obviously connected somehow to the Legionnaires of Christ and therefore the Church, presumably in a conservative way, I feel he might be prevailed upon here.

It certainly wouldn't affect the bottom  line profitability of the NYT if they stopped reporting this garbage...

It most certainly would affect their profits. NYT readers may be Liberal; but they're not obtuse. Far from it.  They look for the NYT to be the leader in disseminating their left wing propaganda. Regular readers (and they have a HUGE worldwide readership), would pick up immediately on even the slightest change in the paper's Commie-Lib focus and viewpoint, vis a vis this topic. There would be a backlash of monumental proportions spearheaded by other entities in the Liberal media. This backlash would spread like wildfire due to how quickly one can access news today. I don't mean to be rude; but you are delusional if you think that Carlos Slim is going (or even has the legal ability) to do anything to change that. I am sure that the New York Times Corporation has in place airtight regulations regarding anyone being able to make the type of change that you are proposing, winoblue. What you are suggesting is that Carlos Slim tell the NYT Editors what to print or not to print. This ain't the Pawdunk Post Press; It's the Freakin' New York Times!!! They would undoubtedly need the concensus of a board of directors and a majority stockholder vote to approve wholesale changes like this. And NYT majority stockholders and their Board of Directors are among the major movers and shakers of worldwide Liberalism today.

On top of this, you would need to hire a large amount of new staff at all levels due to the fact that The NYT's writers, editors and star columnists all share the same Liberal viewpoint. It would be a logistical nightmare unlike any ever seen in modern journalistic history. Do you honestly think that all these folks are going to say "OK Mr. Slim..Whatever you say...We will stop reporting news about the Catholic Church in such a liberal, biased fashion.." Hell no!! There would also be a huge backlash from these folks. They all thoroughly drink the Marxist kool-aid served at the NYT lunchroom.

It does not matter one iota what catholic group Carlos Slim supports or is a member of. Men do not acquire as much money as Slim has by going into business acquisitions blindly. He thoroughly knew what the NYT is, he knew completely that they have corporate attorneys and a board of directors who would never stand for the fantasy scenario that you are proposing.

It ain't happening friend. What you are proposing is a fairytale.

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