Cardinal Bagnasco: Clergy who conceal abuse should be dismissed
Clergy who conceal abuse should be dismissed: cardinal

By Silvia Aloisi
Sunday, April 11, 2010; 9:41 AM

ROME (Reuters) - The powerful head of Italy's bishops, responding to mounting pressure on the Vatican, said on Sunday those in the Church who mishandled, minimized and covered up sexual abuse of children should be dismissed.

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco said in a newspaper interview that pedophilia was a "heinous crime" and even more serious when committed by members of the Church.

"Toward each of the people violated, and their families, I feel shame and remorse, particularly in those cases when they were not listened to by those who should have intervened in a timely manner," he told Il Sole 24 Ore daily.

"Proven cases of mismanagement, underestimation of the facts, if not outright cover-up, will have to be rigorously prosecuted within and outside the Church and, as has already happened in some cases, will have to result in the removal and dismissal of the people involved." .....
I couldn't help but notice the title of this article is:  "Clergy who conceal abuse should be dismissed: cardinal"

And that there's a subtitle in the article:  "FOCUS ON THE POPE"
what do you think about this fartsucker?
Not sure about Fartsucker :laughing: But I think this looks positive.
So when's the next conclave?

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