Arrest the Pope? I rather think we should
April 12, 2010
Arrest the Pope? I rather think we should
The sin of making victims and the community complicit in the abuse cover-up is still not acknowledged
By Libby Purves

A pair of voluble atheists — the usual suspects, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens — plan a legal ambush to arrest Pope Benedict XVI during his state visit to Britain. They want him arraigned, Pinochet-style, before he can so much as kiss the airport tarmac.

Well, we shall see. They come from a particular angle — that of determined unbelief — which dilutes their impact. We know that even if the Vatican had never done anything legally dubious or morally wrong, Hitch and Dawk would still hate it. So let me speak as a Deist and cradle Catholic — albeit long alienated — and say that I rather welcome their campaign. This thing needs airing properly, if the good bits of world Catholicism are to survive. Sometimes, with real sorrow, I fear that they won’t. It is not just because of what bad priests did and bad bishops hid: it is also what they made others do.....

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