Arrest the Pope? I rather think we should
BlessedKarl Wrote:Calling him a fartsucker (though maybe you were joking and if you were I apologize for being too serious) is not charitable.

I suggest emailing or commenting on the story in the link and attempting to show him the truth. There is a such thing as win a debate but lose a soul. Neither anger nor insults will work on leading this individual to Christ. I'm saying this because I have learned this the hard way in my life.

The man in question already claims to be a Catholic in his profile and his posts on FE have consistently shown him to be a troll who is as engrossed in anti-Catholic media reports as a child is to his mother's milk. It's rather disturbing and DK replied in kind.

So take your bleeding heart elsewhere. It's making a mess on the rug.

In Corde Regis Christi,

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