Arrest the Pope? I rather think we should
(04-11-2010, 09:50 PM)Joshua Wrote:
BlessedKarl Wrote:Calling him a fartsucker (though maybe you were joking and if you were I apologize for being too serious) is not charitable.

I suggest emailing or commenting on the story in the link and attempting to show him the truth. There is a such thing as win a debate but lose a soul. Neither anger nor insults will work on leading this individual to Christ. I'm saying this because I have learned this the hard way in my life.

The man in question already claims to be a Catholic in his profile and his posts on FE have consistently shown him to be a troll who is as engrossed in anti-Catholic media reports as a child is to his mother's milk. It's rather disturbing and DK replied in kind.

So take your bleeding heart elsewhere. It's making a mess on the rug.

In Corde Regis Christi,

1) I thought taking he was referring to the man who wrote the article in question and not Fart Meister.

2) Don't take that nasty tone with me. Live the truth in charity is important. I'm sick and tired of people who think posting on FE is some sort of game and they can say whatever they want. I've seen people posting smut on here like they are "glad that man is gone" (reference to death of JP II) and sneering at various people, even Pope Benedict, when he does something they may disapprove of. I approve greatly of the admins of this board constructing this forum and of their dedication to it. Some of the people who come here, however, take an attitude which should not be used. Is it wrong to worry for another man's soul? Do you not understand why I said to DK what I said? I explained to Dk why I was very critical of him calling someone a fartsucker. I misinterpretted that and did not know who Fartmeister even was. Your sneer, however, is much uncalled for and does nothing to discredit my main point of presenting the truth with the greatest charity.

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