Arrest the Pope? I rather think we should
(04-12-2010, 10:18 PM)Joshua Wrote:
BlessedKarl Wrote:DK, now tha I understand Fartmeisters trolling I can understand, and laugh with, your previous comment.

Welcome back, Karl!  ;)
Yes, I thought he was scoffing at the man who wrote the article. I didn't even know who fartmeister was until recently (I took a short hiatus from FE). Likewise I thought you were condemning me for trying to be charitable.  Just please understand that charity is something extraordinarily important for me. I have been  uncharitable and, unfortuantely, driven people away from the Catholic faith. This is not only regrettable but was monstrous of me. For this, I cannot condone insulting anyone anymore. I have no "bleeding heart." I do, however, wish to see people's souls saved. Any comments talking about charity are not me being self-righteous, just trying to watch out for my past mistakes that I do not wish others, nor myself, to make.

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