In sermon, E. Longmeadow priest calls on Pope Benedict to step down
He shouldn't oughta done that, but it looks like this priest is sincere and not some leftist / liberal / modernist looking for an excuse.  He got a bishop pulled out of office.

Quote:Fr. James J. Scahill Outspoken Supporter of Survivors

Fr. Scahill, the pastor of St. Michael's parish, is an outspoken supporter of the community of survivors of clergy sexual abuse. In 2002, Fr. Scahill announced that the parish would withhold its weekly contribution to the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts, because the Diocese had not removed a notorious priest and convicted abuser, Richard Lavigne, from its payroll. The monies withheld were delivered to the Diocese only after all payments to Lavigne were terminated.

Fr. Scahill also was instrumental in bringing the allegations against former Springfield Bishop Thomas Dupre to public attention. Fr. Scahill counseled the mother of one of the survivors. He then brought the claims of abuse to the attention of Archbishop O'Malley of the Boston Archdiocese and to law enforcement officials in Massachusetts. Dupre resigned his position as bishop when the allegations against him became public.

Fr. Scahill has begun to work with the Diocese toward community healing despite some initial tension with the new Bishop in Springfield, Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell. In September, Fr. Scahill and Bishop McDonnell held a healing Mass for survivors at St. Michael's parish. Bishop McDonnell apologized to Fr. Scahill for remarks he had made about him and to survivors for the abuse that they had suffered.

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