Heroic Swiss Postman refuses to Deliver Smut
In Switzerland a 28 year old postman was fired who dared to refuse to deliver Sex-Flyers.

Switzerland (Kath.net) In Switzerland a 28 year old postman was fired who dared to refuse to deliver Sex-Flyers called "20 Minutes Online". Emmanuel N. has worked 10 years with the Post Office. At the end of March he celebrated becoming the father of a new baby. The reason is, that the very faithful man was expected to deliver an Erotic magazine that advertised pornography and other depraved things. "The transmission was actually legal, but immoral." said N, who also refused, promotional material from a sect and an pro-abortion activist. A spokesman for the Post Office defended the dismissal and said: "It is not the mission of the Post Office, to censure the mail." Even worker's rights expert Roger Rudolph found the dismissal as justified and said: "If a worker refuses his principle activity, a termination of employment is correct. Above all a postman should understand before hiring, that he has to deliver Erotic Advertisements." The 28 year old N. contradicted this explanation: "I've been delivering the mail for 10 years and never received such advertising. The moral level of society has sunk."

Cool. That's very good of the postman, but I agree that the postal service also has a legal right to fire him. Now, if all the postal workers decided to stop delivering such things at the same time, that would probably affect some change, but even then, I suppose the office could just hire a bunch of other people to do the same thing.
I agree with HK.
I believe him when he says he wasn't expected to deliver this garbage before.

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