Peter Singer

there are pro-life atheists.  i wish i could remember the name of one whose blog i used to visit.  i'll try to remember and see if the blog is still around.  years ago, the two of us gave some pro-choicers fits.  being pro-life does not have to be based on faith in God.  it's just such an unnatural, callous thing to do.
definitely do a search for 'pro-life atheist' if you're going to write about abortion.

be careful, though, with this topic.  will your prof be likely to mark you down for being a male opposing "women's right to choose"?  if so, are you willing to take a lower grade for speaking truth?  there are other issues to criticize Singer on, issues on which fewer people agree with him, and probably on which fewer papers are written, which could be an advantage to you.  his writings about the disabled are awful and would be a good topic, as would his writings on animal rights.  you could write about his support of infanticide for the disabled instead of abortion, or combine the two. 

one of the things i hate about Singer is that he thinks it's ethically permissible to kill the disabled because he assumes he wouldn't like to live that way.  if you wanted to discuss disability rights and the issue of infanticide and/or abortion of the disabled, there are many online websites and Singer is often discussed on them.  one is called Not Dead Yet. 

the media never covered it, but many disability rights groups, like NotDeadYet, opposed the murder of Terri Schiavo and some went down there and demonstrated in wheelchairs, which you'd think would have been a good photo op for the media.  it was not only "anti-abortion activists" supporting Terri's right to life as the media claimed.

full disclosure:  i always opposed euthanasia and abortion and supported disability rights, always accepted special ed kids into my classes (many teachers will refuse to allow special ed kids to be mainstreamed into their classes), never dreaming i'd end up with physical disabilities myself.  i have since found that many people do not understand disabilities and seem to think that i could still do everything i used to if i just tried harder.  in other words, i don't look disabled enough.  my mistake.  but obviously it's more personal for me now, though i still care as much about the abortion of healthy babies as of disabled ones, of course.

a very intelligent woman who had been severely physically disabled from birth but went to college, became a lawyer, practiced law, had a life, used to debate Peter Singer.  she died in 2008.  her name was Harriet McBryde Johnson.  the NY Times had Singer write her obituary.  unbelievable!

Paul Longmore, historian and Director of the Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University, wrote a letter responding to Singer's obituary for Harriet.  The Times never printed it.  you can read it here:


you have to scroll down past three articles, i think, to get to the one i mean, but two of the others are about Singer so they might be interesting to you.

and here are 12 articles that have something about Singer in them:


here's their links page, which gets you to some other disability activism pages, which might be helpful:

another favorite site of mine is

you'll get a page full of articles going back to 1991 if you search for 'peter singer' there and you'll need to do another search for the articles published since 2001.

Singer once admitted that he had provided care for his mother that he had written should be denied to the elderly.  what a hypocrite.  that's all i've got for now.


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