Priest as Godparent?
(04-12-2010, 10:46 PM)Fatima 3 Wrote: I've been very blessed to have our Priest provide one-on-one catechism classes to my 7 year old.  She is now ready for baptism and first communion.  I've been praying for help in choosing the best Godparents. Now I have a Godmother selected and the thought that keeps coming to me is to ask the Priest if he will be my daughter's Godfather.  Is it ok for me to ask this of him?

I'm an adult convert and my Godparent was/is my parish priest.  Note:  while he is the most traditional priest in my town (bummer that the nearest TLM is an hour away, but I do go every Sunday), he is Novus Ordo, so I don't know how a traditional priest would feel about this.  He told me that it is very common in Mexico, where he is from, to have the priest as a Godparent, though you really don't see it much in the US.

It made the most sense to me, because he was the major instrument in bringing me to the church after attending mass for over 2 years, and he taught me my catechism 1-on-1 (so I didn't have any crazy RCIA experiences).  He literally is my Godparent, my parent in the faith.

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