Archbishop Burke speaks out about dissenting "nuns" and CHA

Archbishop Burke cites “public and obstinate betrayal of religious life” by Catholic Nuns who supported Health Care Reform Bill

This weekend Archbishop Raymond Burke spoke at three-day conference put on by the Institute on Religious Life and was awarded the Pro Fidelitate et Virtute Award. The speech he delivered on Saturday was biting - even by Archbishop Burke standards. He called out the nuns who publicly supported the pro-abortion health care bill with phrases such as "public and obstinate betrayal of religious life," "defiance of the bishops," "contradicts their very nature," "knowingly and obstinately acting against the moral law,"grave scandal," and "cease identifying themselves as Catholics."

Among the most poignant statements are:

(Today we are) "overshadowed by the public and obstinate betrayal of religious life by certain religious. Who ever could have imagined that religious congregations of pontifical right, would openly organize to resist and attempt to frustrate an apostolic visitation, that is, a visit to their congregations carried out under the authority of the vicar of Christ on earth, to whom all religious are bound by the strongest bonds of loyalty and obedience?"

"The spiritual harm done to the individual religious who are disobedient and also the grave scandal caused to the faithful and people in general are of incalculable dimensions."

"Now is the time for us all, and in particular for consecrated persons to stand up for the truth and to call upon our fellow Catholics and leadership to do the same, or to cease identifying themselves as Catholics."
Look for more on this story this afternoon on "Kresta in the Afternoon." A full written transcript is forthcoming.

UPDATE: You can read the transcript here. trayal-of-religious


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