Whistleblower Priest Reprimanded by His Bishop

The last Bishop Fr. Scahill engaged, resigned not too long afterward, with good reason, he was a liberal who defended a pederastic homosexual. Fr. Scahill is also a liberal and as one of his sheep remarked, "a heretic". We're inclined to believe such heartfelt declamations from the nave since they address a man who refuses to admit the true provenance of this media generated brouhaha in the first place. It's liberalism. The same kind of liberalism that would encourage this would-be Emile Zola to accuse his boss, the Pope, in the tribunal of the mob in the first place. Never mind that Father doesn't seem to be aware of or concerned about the details of 1985.

Notice, Father Scahill nowhere puts the blame where it belongs. It's the liberalism that allows monsters like this to go without punishment in the first place and it's liberalism which put them in the positions they enjoyed and it's liberalism, again, which is using them to destroy the Catholic Church.

Liberalism is the mistaken idea that one religion is as good as the next and that the truths religions generally propose for people's belief are a matter of indifference. A liberal doesn't believe Catholicism is true, but he may find "truth" in it and enjoy some of its ceremonies and culture, but he will scoff at miracles and indeed, it's moral admonitions.

George Orwell marked well the dishonesty of his clerical liberal friends who pretended to be Catholic and played a double game for their public, and this was in the 30s. We expect with great confidence that showboats like Pfleger and Scahill are in that sect.


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