Archdissenter Pfleger thumbs his nose at the Church-again
But, but, but, isn't Chicago a good conservative mid-western town where parents can raise their children in between murders in the street to become well educated Catholics ?  And isn't it all those mean racists and the extreme poverty that provoke those poor people to commit all of those random drive by murders ? ( Fourteen in one weekend, gotta be a record, huh? Oh and the Chief of Police has said that 95% of all the shooters in this hell hole of a city are gangstas. )  Isn't Fr. Pfleger along with Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Mayor Daley II, and our fearless messiah Obama the driving force that continue to take handguns away from those citizens so they can not protect their children ? Besides since the Earth, Wind, and Fire don't play at the Burning Spear at 79th and Stony Island no more, he keeps the hood swinging with his cool services.When dip the dawg told flip the frog dig it, he told him back, rip it, baby !

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