Archdissenter Pfleger thumbs his nose at the Church-again
(04-14-2010, 01:48 PM)Magdalene Wrote: So much for giving accolades to heretices; they just get bolder because they know they can with impunity.  I wrote (respectfully) to the Cardinal, not that it will do any good.

the calling for women priests (4/11) and married priests and women bishops by this priest:

His "consecration" on Holy Thursday:

repeat on this priest's defense of Jeremiah Wright

I'm new, so excuse me from jumping in. I don't have an issue with married priests, since it is within the tradition of the Church. In fact, my husband and I once attended a parish with a married priest. I think he used to be Anglican or something like that. Although we didn't stay in the parish long, it wasn't because of the priest being married-it was more the very liberal slant of the parish-they were rather charismatic.I don't do drums at Mass very well:-(  I obviously do have an issue on the rest of course!

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