Archdissenter Pfleger thumbs his nose at the Church-again
He just continues  on (with impunity!).

by Thomas Peters on April 16th, 2010
I normally try to keep weekend blog posts light and non-controversial, to provide some opportunity for rest in these difficult times. But I believe this is too important to let go until Monday.

I’m going to write this post presuming that Fr. Pfleger will see and read it, because I have a strong suspicion he reads AmP.

Yesterday Fr. Pfleger posted this to his Facebook fanpage:  will not show up--check link to read but basically said he was forced to make an 'apology' and that 'haters' want his removal.

And before you attempt to delete this evidence, Fr. Pfleger – know that I understand how Google cache works. You can’t hide this now.

Fr. Pfleger is actively undermining the authority and respect of Cardinal George among his congregation. Fr. Pfleger, you hold your parish in trust from your Archbishop. How dare you undermine him before your congregation in this public fashion? This is a textbook definition of scandal. Do you think the Archdiocese won’t find out? (They will, I can guarantee that.)

I guess you really did mean it when you said “I don’t need the pope, I don’t need the Cardinal” (1:15 in this video). Well, where do you think your priestly faculties and ordination came from?

Next – and more to the point – is it your claim that you did not mean the public apology you wrote? Do you expect your followers to respect the fact that you did something that was so against your conscience? Were you lying to the Archdiocese, or coerced? Do you realize that whatever you did, you have gravely scandalized the faithful and violated your own conscience, which you hold so dear?

As one of the “right-winged” who want your “removal”, let’s get down to brass tacks: how dare you use the violence done to children as a cover for your own heresy and dereliction of priestly duty? You say we are wasting your time and attention from these sacred social justice causes you champion by bringing up your anti-Catholic heretical preaching. Well, as one of my readers pointed out, if you are so focused on their plight, then why spend time in your homilies tearing down the established teaching of the Church and of Christ? If anyone is guilty of wasting our time, it is you, by your own standards.

As a Catholic who is truly concerned about the social justice issues you claim to champion, I’m calling for your public, sincere repentance. Or father, show yourself the door. Christ did not die to have you lead his children astray, and the Archdiocese of Chicago has not treated you with all possible respect and deference to have you stab them in the back the way you have done.

I’m calling on all concerned Catholics to contact the Archdiocese and bring their attention to this post, and thereby to Fr. Pfleger’s public actions to undermine the authority of the archdiocese, of Cardinal George personally, and of the teaching of the Church in general.

Call the Office of the Archbishop of Chicago directly at 312-534-8230 (or email

Do it for the poor souls of Fr. Pfleger’s parish, and for the honor of good priests everywhere. And let us pray to Christ for the strength to oppose dissent from His divine teachings wherever we find it today.

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