Who likes the Renaissance Pleasure Faire?
Anyone going this year?
Where is it?

I like Renaissance fairs, but haven't been to one in, holy smokes, almost 20 years now.
Here in New England we have the King Richard's Faire.  It's a great time - I try to go every year.


The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is in Irwindale, CA.  It's fun :-)
I will probably be at the one in Bristol this year.
There's one in OK, every weekend in May:  http://www.okcastle.com/
(04-28-2010, 08:04 PM)Texican Wrote: There's one in OK, every weekend in May:  http://www.okcastle.com/

The Castle of Muskogee recently kicked off its 15th anniversary and I still have never been out there, though my family buys fireworks there each year in July. My nephew even had a brief job at the Castle one year during Ren Fest as a swordsman.   

[Image: pictureau.jpg]
^Marc's nephew
We have a renaissance faire every year down south about half an hour from where I live its cool but I havent been in a couple of years.
Thinking about taking the family... I've never been before LOL. Someone told me it isn't kid appropriate though...
I have been going to the MN Renaissance Festival every few years for the last twenty-odd years.  Wearing a costume is always fun.  It's generally family entertainment up there, though some of the shows are certainly PG-13.

One thing that has definitely discouraged me from going in recent years is the slow transition from Renaissance/Medieval to Fantasy/Dungeons&Dragons.  Maybe when I was a kid, I just didn't notice it as much, but the entire enterprise loses its charm when you see more people inspired by their favorite fantasy novel rather than the historical period itself.  And then of course there's the fact that the entire thing is a corporate event that barely gives any lip service to the fact that Christianity was very real.

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