The ugly secular inquisition behind the push to arrest the Pope

More disturbing when you think about it more...
I guess I wasn't expecting the Secular Inquisition.
Nobody expects the secular inquisition!
There's not a snowball's chance in hell that this "plot" to arrest the Pope will come to anything.
Can we hope that the snowball doesn't end up in hell?

this is the first time i've seen this in print:

"In 2006, Dawkins criticised "hysteria about pedophilia" and said that, even though he was the victim of sexual abuse at boarding school, he would defend his abusive former teachers if "50 years on they had been hounded by vigilantes or lawyers as no better than child murderers". Yet now he wants to put abusive priests on a par with genocidaires."

VERY interesting!

i think the writer should have said "genocidal Nazis," though.  after all the times we've heard about the Pope being drafted into the Nazi army as a teenager, turnabout is fair play, and i think Dawkins at al. would have Nazi-style book burnings of religious books and Bibles if they could.  besides, "genocidaires" sounds like a name for a rock group out of Seattle.  ;D

Generally, atheists who haven't been raised with a religion regard it with benign indifference, but then there are people like Dawkins and Hitchens.

Reminds me of someone who recollected defending the position that people can do things selflessly, because they're good, being confronted by people in the class reacted so strongly with hatred of the idea, that you'd think there was some kind of underlying emotional disturbance or pricking of the conscience.

These people attacking the Papacy aren't concerned aboout the messenger as much as they are the message implicitly broadcasting every time he makes a speech that men are rational souls with two choices to make in this life between Heaven and Hell.

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