Handbook for Catholic Soldiers/Knights/Nobliity
Nobiity as it stands now is a crock o shit.
Just take a look at em. Knights and solders are different. I don't know what self respecting man can look at the urotrash balles nobility and honor them. Seems the only thing these useless bastards deserve is contempt. Lol
Yeah that's right.  If u don't ear you nobilty then to me ur not noble just on a fat dole if your a royal or just a ball sucker if your part o the "in crowd" what a joke.
Thoiugh I can be proven wrong. So where are the catholic nobilty? What in heavens names are they doin? And why the hell does it matter to me? St ambrose forget about the nobilty. Thyre wankers. Be. Man. The world offers you a few solid ways and puttin a wig and tights on isn't one these days that's for sure. In all seriousness if your interested may I suggest reading st Bernard of clarevaux. And some histories of the military orders such as the Templars and Hospitalars. But forget about the lnights of malta thyre o bunch o rich wankers. Until they start killin mohamadans again that's all they are. A disgrase to a once stupendpus badass outfit.
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