Germany "Convicts" Bishop Williamson
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All of the good sermons, good conferences, good confessions and assistance that he could provide to the SSPX and the faithful are now tainted, and all over debate on an historical issue, not a doctrinal.
That is a woefully mistaken argument that is all too common amongst Catholics.

The first fact is that Jews suffered no more than anyone else caught up in the horrors of the war. Terrible suffering, privation, acts of cruelty, disease, starvation, death, spared no-one nor any population in the furnace of the war.

The second fact is that the gross distortions, embellishments and lies that constitute what is now falsely termed 'The Holocaust', and the emotional and psychological blackmail built upon those lies and distortions and then directed against the Church and gentile society are precisely what generated Nostra Aetate in the first place, along with other liberalising documents of the Second Vatican Council that have wrought havoc upon the Catholic world. That makes it very much a doctrinal issue because the falsehood led directly to the Conciliar conflict and rupture with Catholic doctrine. If you doubt it, then Vicomte Leon de Poncin's book Judaism and the Vatican would be an appropriate place to begin the study as would the information available at this link:

The third fact is that, for Talmudists, 'The Holocaust' is very much an integral part of their false religious belief. It is very much a matter of religious doctrine for them. In order to combat the false religious beliefs of anyone, in order to convert them, the Church must necessarily oppose false doctrines with true doctrines. That makes the issue of "The Holocaust' a doctrinal matter for the Church also. If you do not understand why 'The Holocaust' is a religious belief of Judaism and, therefore, essentially a doctrinal matter then the information contained at the following link would be an appropriate place to begin that particular study:
Was Hiroshima a Catholic center?
I dunno but oin termsa of numbers even negasaki was very minor compared to the rest of japan in regards to catholic population as opposed to buddist
(04-24-2010, 04:13 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: I dunno but oin termsa of numbers even negasaki was very minor compared to the rest of japan in regards to catholic population as opposed to buddist

Right, which is why I highly doubt that the Americans intentionally bombed Nagasaki because of its Catholicism.  What evidence there  is for this, as opposed to speculation, I do not know.  If Catholicism was the target, then why bomb Hiroshima first?  And Nagasaki wasn't the primary target the day it was bombed.  Now, the sacrifices that the Catholics of Nasaki made for the end of the war very well may be the reason why that bombing ended the war.  I mean, the local Catholics offered up their sacrifices to end the war.  In His Providence, God permitted their city to be the one bombed and the sacrifices made by the Catholics pleased God and He brought the war to an end with no further atomic bombings.  But, while I do believe that the atomic bombings were atrocities and war crimes, I cannot see how Catholics were targeted. 
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