Going For the Vatican Jugular
(04-18-2010, 03:25 PM)littlerose Wrote:
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(04-18-2010, 02:25 PM)littlerose Wrote: It actually does have the bsuiness origin you cite but what NatLFed did was specifically exploit "madison avenue" techniques to build brochures and they would usually title something  as "Call To Action" in order to train their members to use that part of the paragraph to start organizing campaigns.  If they published an opinion about the Church, for example, without that in it, their members would not challenge the church but if they indicated a "Call To Action", their members would be getting instructions what to do next (unseat a committee chairperson, initiate a new program, whatever.)

There is a lot of NatLFed language all through the Novus Ordo stuff an d maybe some of it is co-incidental but the people NatLFed recurited included a high percentage of social-theology types who stopped believeing in God.

so it started with the national labor federation co-opting business terminology, doesn't come from a communist source?   did many people move from labor activism into Church activism?   or did Church activists pick up the phrase on their own, either from labor or madison avenue?   

i never had any idea the phrase "call to action" was a buzzword like 'proactive' -- remember when everyone was supposed to be 'proactive'?  thankfully, i've forgotten most of the old buzzwords that overpaid consultants spouted at staff meetings.  "call to action" obviously never came up in our meetings, we might have seen the potential to use it against them if it had. 

"Call to Action"is a copy-writer's term. It describes a certain forumla. You know those annoying e-letters with the large type "Call Now!" parts? Those are written according to a formula of the average person's attention span and number of positive points that are likely to elicit a response. The NatLFed was big on editorial techniques and ran classes for its "cadre" level members to  understand this stuff. But it is also there in advanced  advertising  classes for the  creative teams.  Here is a link to an old artivcle but it does not go into this, ye4t I think you can see the affinity between NatLFed origins and madison avenue. Both were studying psychology or  the media.

thanks for all the info, littlerose.

(04-18-2010, 06:04 PM)LRThunder Wrote: Call to Action?  I prefer to call that group: "Call to Apostasy."

when the shoe fits…  :laughing:

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