RELICS: The Stone of Scone, Jacob's Pillow

I find this account of "Jacob's Pillow" fascinating, because there is no OTHER equivalent RELIC in the Anglican Church.

Is this story known among Roman Catholics?

Of course we all know the story of Jacob and his dream, but I never heard of the actual stone turning up in the UK.

Cute how that video starts out with the tones from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", BTW, but I hoped to have a look at a story concerning the origins of this stone but it is just another conspiracy thing showing bits of alleged evidence that the stone in Scotland is a fake.

It would be nice to get the story in video form behind why the stone matters to UK and how it got there, but as soon as I saw that it is just another conspiracy thing presenting incomprehensible images that may or may not be "fake", I lost interest in watching.

But I googled and found this lovely history, looks like the Stone has many facets, indeed.

Maybe you can demonstrate a little more patience, and watch the whole thing, eh?

The video is the way the video is; I cannot change it or alter it.

But the information is the way the information is.

So, we pays our money and we takes our chance.

Can you suspend judgment long enough to confront the information?

I wonder.


God is God and God is patient -- more patient than I am,

I GAG on the pre-judgments and concocted human arguments that I encounter here, coming at me.


May God Almighty teach me the Compassion and Mercy and Patience I need to deal with this!


The video seems to be over an hour long and I don't have that much time to waste. You can pays your money, but your riddles don't encourage patience.

Except perhaps cumulatively.

For example, when I went to the quicker option of reading, I found this other interesting material from that stone's story which links back to your questions in other threads, and I find this fascinating:

It describes one aspect of the New Age movement that has caused major disruptions in our society that I did not know anything about.  This material puts your questions and the fact that there has always been that "certain je ne sais quois" about Anglican religion/New Age occultism in a new light.

(04-18-2010, 09:05 PM)No3456 Wrote: God is God and God is patient -- more patient than I am,

I GAG on the pre-judgments and concocted human arguments that I encounter here, coming at me.


May God Almighty teach me the Compassion and Mercy and Patience I need to deal with this!


Insulting everyone who has been putting up with your narcissism, self-pity  and attempts at manipulation is really not very wise.  This is a Traditional Catholic community, not Facebook or some other general secular community.  The hospitality is wide open, but that does not give you as a non-Catholic guest the right to insult the beliefs that are plainly stamped all over the entrance to this community.
Having to think is such a drag for some people.

The story of Jacob's pillow is in scripture; and it is documented, verified and in use as a rationale for the Monarchy of the nation of Britain.

You can rail and rant and ridicule all you want.

You are the individual who has told me, three times, that I am going to Hell, that I am this and that and so forth.

So, when I put up this video, it was not for you.

Let's let the others put on their thinking caps and run this around the thought path.

: )  Emily
Here is the heresy that you are so assiduously attempting to promote here:

Quote:Each of these stories has been incorporated into the British Israel theory as evidence to support the belief in a tangible genetic connection between the people of Britain and the people of the Holy land.[citation needed]

Critics[who?] contend that these stories are apocryphal and that they were created and planted later in order to help justify England's rejection of the Holy See's authority.

This heresy is the cause of  the blasphemous statements about Jesus and the Ascension that you made in other threads. Everyone who believes in this British-Israelite mythology and the inherited line of kings from King David is likely to make the same kind of blasphemous statements because they are following a deliberately anti-Christ (as distinct from anti-Christian) path. 

I want to thank you for educating us.  I also offer a prayer that some part of your soul is still under the grace of whatever Christian baptism you received and can be snatched from the grasp of Satan ASAP.


There is no heresy here.  This is about FACTS in Scripture and facts in history.

Your concept of "heresy" is way, way out there in fantasy land.

Let someone else speak to this.


Since when r limeys jews? And this considered a fact? Sure there are allot of limey jews or jew limeys but as a people limeys are in no way shape or form semetic.
Z german of some sch z german.
Just sayin though I did knpow a brit who claimed they were originally hitites. Go figure
Here's a source that talks about it.  ...

I have no opinion; just saying. 

In fact, it's one reason I came here to find out what the Catholic teaching is, about this.



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