18 million - Rosarys counted so far
with that many some are duplicates no doubt...but some have not been counted...for instance mine...and my family and friends....nope have not sent them...and now I see no reason to...


Quote:To date we have only a provisional count, as all the results have not yet been tallied. However, DICI is delighted to announce to its readers, in this exclusive news report, that the goal of 12 million rosaries, which were to form a crown of 12 stars for Mary, Queen of Heaven, has been surpassed by far, since more than 18 million rosaries have already been reported. Among the districts that sent in their results, we should note the generosity of the United States (5,354,552), France (2,936,890), Africa (2,816,826) and Asia (2,583,204). Next come Canada (717,000), Germany (680,000), South America (536,480), Switzerland (411,000), Australia (402,000), Mexico (332,800), Great Britain (218,116), Italy (215,000), Ireland (136,190)….

if this is already posted somewhere I apologize...

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