Bishop Mixa's offer of Resignation is not an Admission of Guilt
Archbishop Zollitsch and Archbishop Marx take Bishop Mixa's part: "We have much to thank our brother for."

Munich ( The Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch gave a clarification this Thursday at a press conference about Bishop Walter Mixa and made it clear, that the offer of resignation by Bishop Mixa is no admission of guilt.

Zollitsch literally said: "Bishop Dr. Walter Mixa has offered the Holy Father his resignation of his office as Bishop of Augsburg and the Military Archbishop of the Bundesrepublik Germany. This hard step has earned respect. Through it the Bishop of the Church of Augsburg will be able to make a new beginning. The German Bishops Conference acknowledged the decision of the Bishop of Augsburg. We have our brother much to be thankful for: During his time as Bishop of Eichstätt (1996 – 2005) and from 2005 as Bishop of Augsburg.

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