The Judaising of Christians by Jews
(05-18-2010, 07:17 PM)StSimonTrent Wrote: I suppose the fact that it has come to fruition means nothing to you?

Highly debatable whether it's come to fruition.
StSimonTrent Wrote:Source
Google is your friend, Dont be afraid to use it

Well ... if you do a Google search for this passage, all you learn is that it was supposedly quoted in Jonathan Williams' "Legions of Satan".  You will not find a complete transcript of the  'Cornwallis letter' or even any other alleged excerpts from it.

If you Google Jonathan Williams' "Legions of Satan", you find it is only referred to as the source of the Cornwallis quote.  You will not find any other passages from the book quoted  or any further information about its contents.

Yeah, it's questionable whether the book ever existed.

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