Pastor Melissa
(04-23-2010, 10:15 AM)calicatholic Wrote: The Catholic Church is the only reliable source for proper interpretation of the Bible.  There must be a Catholic source of intense translation of the Bible that someone can point you toward, but I would recommend avoiding Melissa Scott, especially if you don't believe there's a danger there.

Yes, it's St. Jerome's Vulgate.  The literal English translation of that is the Douay-Rheims.

I found this commentary which makes sense to me.  I know a tad of Greek; I'll have to catch her sometime and see if what this guy says makes sense:

Quote:Well, I have a number of problems with Melissa Scott ... firstly, she has absolutely no formal training or credentials in theology or linguistics (both fields in which she professes to be an expert). Her late husband (Dr. Gene Scott) was somewhat of a cook too, but at least he had a Ph.D ... even though it was in the 'Philosophy of Education'. She has no more than a high school diploma ... while that doesn't necessarily mean she can't know anything it certainly is doubtful she could master ancient Greek and Aramiac through self study. Myself, I am a Doctor of History with a professorship at the University Copenhagen (Denmark), and I can tell you that while her translations are somewhat accurate they also have many blatantly amatuerish errors and reek of naivete.

I have never seen Pastor Melissa Scott write/speak in Greek or Latin on the fly ... the texts are already written on the whiteboard before the 'lecture' starts, and she merely 'translates' them (no doubt prerehearsed). In the linguistic community this is extraordinarily unusual!!! I cannot stress this enough -- people who really are scholars and fluent/proficient in ancient languages are constantly writing and translating things as they pop into their head. They are not confined to what was written on the board before they started lecturing -- I have never seen Melissa Scott do this once.

This should be a red flag to anyone with even a shred of critical thinking skills.

This is beyond the fact she jumps from one non sequiter to the next, using circular logic, and unsound syllogisms (in an epistemological sense). She starts off saying exactly what question she going to address/answer, and then she never answers it! She just rambles on and on trying to impress and dupe her audience into seeing past the obvious flaws in her message -- she is a master B.S.'er. As Plato would have said " [this type of] rhetoric is little more than art of convincing the ignorant," because if you had any expert knowledge of what she is talking about you'd realize how fallacious her thought process is.


*I have a Post Doc. in History with a specialization in 20th Century Scandinavian History (from Brown University - 2003). As all other professional historians at the doctorate level I am required to be proficient in several modern and ancient languages -- I can speak 6 modern languages, and have officially studied Latin and Greek at the university level.

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