Belgian bishop quits after admitting abusing a boy
Good, now all thats left is for him to be forcibly castrated and then drawn and quarterd.
(04-24-2010, 07:10 AM)glgas Wrote: Did you ever meditate upon the fact how many children were abused by priest in the past 50 years, and how were abused by non Catholics?

Which is the higher number?

Is not concentration only on the abuses of several ten thousand children by  the priests is abandonment of the millions abused by overall population.

The media does this, because they are the servants of the Enemy. But why allegedly Catholic people join this?

Catholics, especially priests, should be held to a higher standard especially by other Catholics.  We shouldn't be complacent that our clergy and laity aren't worse than Jews, Protestants, or atheists when it comes to abuse.

Forgiveness should always be there, but saying "well, we're within the standard deviation" doesn't cut it, at least not for me.  99.9% of the population sins including priests, but some sins are worse than others especially when it is done by using the office of the priesthood.

We need to get these predators out.
I admire his honesty its a hell of a thing to admit to.
(04-25-2010, 02:12 AM)sheep101 Wrote: I admire his honesty its a hell of a thing to admit to.

If the "crisis" wasn't being so publicly stated in the media, do you think he would have done that?  Frankly, I think these evil men are coming forward because they think it will be better to admit it before they get caught.

I agree with the previous comments - sack the lot of the Bishops and start over with decent priests.

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