Attorney General Eric Holder Attends Celebration for Black Nationalist Group
Also I want to add no you bein a sista has nothon to do with me sayoing your ilk or yur people. Your a marxist. I loath marxists. Ur a racists and I'm not gonna take racists shit from u. And I'm a brotha as u showed me. And I am discovering me bleck as bleck midnight bleck can be bleckness!! Its beutifull yo. One drop rule is sweet!! My beef with u is not your race or you sex its your ideology. And how u come on here and attack those who don't hold it. You have attacked me more then once but that's before u knew I was a brotha so all forgiven yo. Still if u dish it out surely u can take it. You've trashed entire cultures on here italians, irish to name 2 and whites as a whole. Not just me others have engaged you and others have been clear its not your race its your vile ideology.
For what its worth from a brotha to da sista
This is a Catholic forum not a racist forum.  I have a daughter of mixed race, and I won't tolerate this nonsense.  And, racism against whites won't be tolerated either as I've seen that happening reading through this thread, too.

So all of you knock it the hell off.

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