Pope asks Bloggers to Give Internet a Soul
From Vatican Radio


(24 Apr 10 – RV) The need to give the Internet a soul and humanize the dynamics of the digital world was at the heart of Pope Benedict XVI’s message Saturday to participants in a conference on modern means of mass communication. 

Promoted by the Italian Bishops Conference, “Digital Witness” draws together experts in information technology, social networking, web journalism and blogging to focus on the language we use and the way we communicate as Christians in the online society.

Pope Benedict told participants that the task of every believer who works in media, is to ensure the “quality of human contact, guaranteeing attention to people and their spiritual needs”. “This is increasingly urgent in today’s world”, he said, at a time when Internet appears to have a “basically egalitarian” vocation, but at the same time, “marks a new divide", the "digital divide" that "separates the included from the excluded"

"The dangers of homologation and control, of intellectual and moral relativism are also increasing, as already recognizable in the decline of critical spirit, in truth reduced to a game of opinions, in the many forms of degradation and humiliation of the intimacy of the person"

Thus said the Pope we see, a "spiritual pollution" that brings us to no longer "look one another in the face”. So we must “overcome those collective dynamics that risk reducing people to "soulless bodies, objects of exchange and consumption”. The media must become a “humanizing factor”, focused "on promoting the dignity of persons and peoples". Only then, will "the epochal times we are experiencing be rich and fertile in new opportunities":

"Without fear we must set sail on the digital sea facing into the deep with the same passion that has governed the ship of the Church for two thousand years. Rather than for, albeit necessary, technical resources, we want to qualify ourselves by living in the digital world with a believer’s heart, helping to give a soul to the Internet’s incessant flow of communication".
I'm on it Papa. Me blog will be named
Sipae et Sispum

So how can we make the digital world more human?

Problems with the medium:
1. Poor quality control/No Authority (You can find the truth on the internet side-by-side with every ridiculous opinion possible)
2. Reality disconnect (you say stuff you'd never dream of saying in person) Possible cause: anonymity?
3. Instability of Concentration (so many distractions on the screen) Result: reduced thinking skills

These problems have to be overcome to make the internet more humanly beneficial to people, no? On my website, I've tried to work with these problems. Regarding #3, I primarily offer SHORT meditations. Regarding #1, I've eliminated almost all personal opinion and merely make available primary source material, e.g. Roman Catechism, etc.
R u mad or just dense?
The beuty of the net is for the most part there is no control or central authority. Do u dream of a stalinist nightmare? Yeah u can get evil but thatts everyplace central authority and control does squat about it. Evangalization does. We need to get more in the fight!!! Not seek some beurocratic control.
We r not robots. Well maybe u are. But the rest of us aren't. Personal opinions are the bones of it. What's the point of engaging people on a blog if u just spew a party line and hide your opinion? Some of us came back to CHRIST with the help of opinionated drunk lads that knew a good catechism was made to stop a knife or hit a prod with.
Amongst other uses
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I'd also agree with the idea that it would be difficult to make the internet more human, let alone give it a soul. :)    I know, I know he is being figurative. 

I think my opinion will rest on the fact that the internet generally acts like any other form of media, and that we need to "bear witness" when we can.   The idea that we need to "get more to the fight" is true as well. 

The difficulty with all of this is the fact that the actual, concrete, non-digital world is in need of our help to a degree in which the digital world seems completely unimportant. (that includes traditional forms of media for whatever that's worth (e.g. what happened to Catholic arts and letters?)).

Maybe the internet simply amplifies the "spiritual pollution" that already exists in the world writ large.

What's next, virtual mass?    ???

If you want to see a bad example of  "Catholics" using the internet, head over to Father Pfleger's facebook "public-figure" page. 

Eh, that was disjointed.

Was this something written by Cardinal Bertone for thr Holy Father to read??? I'm confused what this has to do with anything??
I get hits from the Vatican on http://www.WhollyRoaminCatholic.com.

I should post more.  I may need to add a couple writers.  Pope's orders.

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