Glenn Beck supported the Pope
He was talking today about the global warming movement and in particular cap and trade. He said "The Vatican found out that cap and trade was a scam when they decided to become carbon neutral and the Vatican bought some trees to be planted in the Hungarian forest and the trees were never planted. Who scams the Pope? You want to talk about some eternal global warming!"

Hope for Beck yet?  An apostate Catholic that went the way of... Fish-Eater Smackdown Mormon
LOL, @ "eternal global warming"  for scamming the pope. 

Beck made a funny.
I pray he comes back home.

Did he ever say why he converted from Catholicism to Mormonism? 
(04-29-2010, 11:45 PM)Miquelot Wrote: Did he ever say why he converted from Catholicism to Mormonism? 

It had to do with his previous life style he was cheating on his wife getting drunk all the time got a divorce all that good stuff and then he met a Mormon woman and he was really taken in by their no alcohol stuff and he basicly had a "saved" conversion. He had been away from the Church for a long time before converting too. Anyway thats whats in his book.
I can only take him in short bursts, but I peek in every day for five to ten minutes tops, until he gets me to the point where I'm embarassed for him. He seems to have Catholicism and Mormonism mixed together, and his emotionalism freaks me out. He's younger than me so I'm sure he never heard the stuff he has found out about Progressives in Catholic school, but he has it right.Where he gets me crazy is when he says the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are inspired writings.Like all mediocre scholars he always thinks the solution is to return to the state which was the cause of the problem in the first place, the US Constitution. In a peculiar way he is just like all the rest, he wants the average joes to get the hair cut but not the Elites, and TV personalities are Elites, period.
I heard him say that. It doesn't surprise me at all that he's a Mormon who supports the Pope (as a worthy fellow human, anyway)...he's a relativist,  just like 99.9% of people I know. C'mon! It's the way most of us, under 50 anyway, were raised! And for those of us who were shafted that way, it takes a lot of searching and self denial to know otherwise.
welcome back!
sip sip
I hope that Glenn Beck reverts back to Catholicism for the salvation of his soul. The only problem is that he already has his Americanist religion.

The man and his Coservative/Libertarian ilk are ultimately turning to the U.S. Constitution and American founding fathers for their salvation and religion. They do not have the true religion and history, so all they have left is to go back to the beginning of the United States, and worship the Enlightenment Naturalism of the time and the founding fathers to the point of idolatry.

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