One Priest's Perspective on Communion in the Hand
(04-30-2010, 01:21 PM)Anthem Wrote: Benedict XVI has the authority to immediately fix this problem.  Can anyone explain to me why he will not?  Pray for Benedict XVI to have the courage to act as he ought.

Ratzinger is Ratzinger. Sadly, I don't see him changing. He has always been a cautious man and does not have a strong temperament or personality. He is a man of contradiction. It has been like that his whole life.

Ultimately, Pope Benedict has made a fatal mistake that will hurt his pontificate. A serious error. According to John Allen, and other Vatican insiders, Pope Benedict sees his papacy as one of teaching. He wants to be the teacher and not the principle. He does not want to be the hands on administrator. Benedict thinks that by teaching, explaining the faith, and leading by example, it will have a positive effect on the Church.

Benedict and his predecessors have failed to see that without discipline, there can be no change.

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