One Priest's Perspective on Communion in the Hand

remember how many bishops responded to the motu proprio with "not in my diocese"?

Pope Benedict could issue an order that Communion must be received on the tongue, with communicants kneeling and the use of a paten.  but how would he enforce it?  excommunicate every bishop and priest who didn't follow orders?  that could be quite a lot and while we might say "good riddance" (I would say it), it would cause a lot of upset in the Church.  people who liked their bishop or priest would be unhappy if he were excommunicated and many would be unhappy that they were no longer "trusted" to receive in the hand. 

in fact, no one should be trusted, as the priest indicates in his article, because some will desecrate the Body of Christ.  others take the Host and then amble over to the minister of the chalice, dunk the Host in the Precious Blood and consume it, possibly dripping some drops of the Precious Blood on the floor in the process.  this is not allowed by the Church but there's nothing that the ministers of the chalice can do about it.  we know that most Catholics wouldn't engage in such illicit intinction or in desecration so they need to be made aware that the desecration is happening, and that the dunking is illicit.  they also need to hear more sermons about the Real Presence and respect for the Blessed Sacrament.

the ideal reform would be if the faithful demanded a return to Communion on the tongue.


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