One Priest's Perspective on Communion in the Hand
(04-30-2010, 11:38 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote:
(04-30-2010, 08:03 PM)i.p.i. Wrote: remember how many bishops responded to the motu proprio with "not in my diocese"?

Pope Benedict could issue an order that Communion must be received on the tongue, with communicants kneeling and the use of a paten.  but how would he enforce it? 

Well, he doesn't have to enforce it.  He just says this is the case.  God will enforce it at judgment.

Quote:the ideal reform would be if the faithful demanded a return to Communion on the tongue.

Actually, I think that is the worst thing if you mean actually demand something of the bishops in a way that challenges their authority directly.  We should reject their errors and make our needs known, but Alinsky-type tactics don't belong in the Church.

Avoiding the NO altogether sends a message when the TLM is full and their pews (and coffers) are empty.

yes, B16 could issue the order but it would work better if there were more discussion about the Real Presence, about the fact that desecration is going on, etc., first, so that the people in the pews don't feel insulted at no longer being "trusted" because it's not most of the people who are the problem as far as desecration goes.  it will take time to undo the idea that it's okay for laity to handle the Body of Christ.

in my Ordinary Form parish, i always receive on the tongue and quite a few others do as well, have for the past twenty years, as long as i've been in the parish.  the number is apparently increasing because a note in the bulletin a month or two ago asked people who are receiving on the tongue to lean forward a bit to help the person giving Communion.  it should have just said "Get in the priest's line" because priests are more experienced at giving Communion on the tongue.  i'd take a priest over a deacon, not just over an EMHC, unless, perhaps, the priest was newly ordained and the deacon was an old hand.

no,  i didn't mean storm the chancery or set up a picket line against the bishop.  i meant that people see others receiving on the tongue and then decide to do so themselves.  more and more people receive on the tongue.  they see, if they watch any papal Masses, that the Pope only gives Communion on the tongue to people who are kneeling.  maybe somebody asks the pastor to preach about the Real Presence and why receiving on the tongue should be the norm again, or maybe the pastor himself introduces the ideas by increments.  then more people start kneeling to receive and eventually people ask 'why can't we have an altar rail to kneel at again?' 

in our parish, pews and coffers are full and we've just had to add another Sunday Mass.  we have added on to the church, built a large parish hall and office building,  added more parking lots and added on to the school.  OF parishes are not all dying out or in trouble.  it's a matter of demographics.  churches in neighborhoods that no longer have many Catholics, mostly in big cities in the NE and Midwest, are having to close but in our archdiocese we're opening new churches and schools all the time, have a new Catholic college that opened in recent years, have a lot of seminarians, several ordinations every year plus priests transferring to the archdiocese, some of them belonging to religious orders, others from other countries.  i've never heard of a church closing in this archdiocese.  some remote areas have had only a mission for years but many new missions become churches within a few years.  it's all about demographics. 


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