One Priest's Perspective on Communion in the Hand
That photo was on easter, he gave the new baptized kneeling as they should be on the toung under both species by guess what intinction.  a term we often dont hear of anymore, a way to salve the problem of spreding germs from using the common cup and to participate more fully of the command eat of this and drink this.  the option to recieve on the toung always was there, I wont do it any other way. and I think it its a horrorable thing to do to touch your Lord with unconsecrated hands not to mention how many people sneeze in their hands and then without washing handle the lord on said hands.

Pope Bennidict always was the teaching type, he is a scholar so can you expect him to teach as opposed to being a superstar almost celeberty type like John Paul the 2nd who lead by his actions and not as much with his words.

signed Jeremy churches of fort wayne

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