How do I defend the church from myfather? (prosperity gospel)
I am an Argentinian from Buenos Aires

My father was born Lutheran (his parents were german immigrants) but through his life he has also been Jehova Witness, an atheist who believed in psychoanalysis, and even a Catholic briefly (when I was born he made a pilgrimage to our lady of Lujan), since the early 90 he has been an evangelical of the "Assemblies of God"

I am a catholic.

Basically he always blames me for not being wealthy. He says that God always blesses good christians, and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Salomon were all wealthy. So, I am a bad christian because I am not rich.
I asked him if he thought rich people were better people than poor people, and he told me, after thinking of it a little, that yes, they are in most cases.

By the way, I am not dirt poor, otherwise I wouldn't have internet living in a third world country, I just have a normal middle/working class life with no big luxuries.

Of course, I had Jesus saying how hard it is for rich people to go to heaven in my mind, I didn't tell him because my father drinks and gets quiet violent, not with hitting, but with yelling. Usually, when we talk about religion, it is him yelling loudly at me, and me just making a few questions softly and politely to make him reconsider.

If I ever get sick, I never tell him, because he tells me than if I were a good christian I wouldn't have gotten sick, and he wants me to just pray and trust God and not go to the Doctor.

He also tells me look at how protestant countries are much wealthier than Catholic countries, and how protestant countries have been beating catholic countries in wars for centuries (Prussia and Austria, England beating Spain etc)

He also supports the USA because it was made by protestants and is full of christians (of course he does not include catholics in that group), and he supports Israel because he thinks they are Gods chosen people, he also thinks that God blesses those who favor jews, and punishes those who are against jews. He thinks the USA is wealthy because they help jews.

I am an adult, I am 26. I only see my father 2 times every month, I have lunch every two weeks with him, I see him 4 hours every month.

I still see him because he is my father, and I have to honour him, and I still love him even if he has caused me some suffering, he does not have a bad heart,

When Juan Pablo II died, we had a big argument, my father asked me if I thought the Pope was the successor of Christ, I said Yes, and he told me than my "treason" to him was worse than Absalom¡s treason to David, we did not see each other for 2 months. He phoned me asking me to forgive him. He lives alone by the way, I am his only family, because he chooses to not see his other relatives. (whom I don't know because he never presented them to me)

Should I still try to present the catholic point of view to him? How do you realize when someone is swine to whom you shouldn't throw your pearls? I really think that it is impossible for him to convert to the catholic church at this point of his life.

Is there a limit to honouring your father?

What do I tell him when he mentions how God blesses protestants much more than Catholics?

Sorry if me english isn't that good, and please, if this is not the right forum, move it to the right one.
He's attempting to aggravate you.  Live the Gospel, change the subject, and pray for his conversion. "If you're so holy/smart/good, why aren't you rich?" is a common question in our world.  Reject his false argument and seek the Truth in the chambers of the Sacred Heart.

I myself come from a mixed marriage; and sometimes there's no human way to make it work with a parent from another religion. But Jesus will make you the best instrument of his victory that you can be, if you let him. Next time you meet your father, try beforehand begging Christ to perfect the meeting.  Your intention and love will bring your father closer to God, or you, or both, whichever Christ chooses. So God will advance his victory one way or the other: by helping you to win your father to the Church, or by giving you the strength to bear the pain of your meetings with your father, and in doing so uniting you to him. And when he hurts you with these false arguments, offer up everything painful about your relationship with your father to Christ on the cross, in reparation for your sins. God will see you attempting to unite yourself to Christ and to your father in this, and give both you and your father everything you need.

You should love him as your father always and forever.  You should respect everything that comes from him that isn't against the Church or Church teaching.  The rest, you should probably ignore.

My opinion:

If you don't think any good can come talking about religion, don't.  If he attacks the Church, just say, "OK, pops, I'll think about it." and move on.  Or just tell him that there are better ways for you to spend your time together than arguing about something that will not change your mind.

If being wealthy were a sign of a good person, Christ would have had the riches of the world.  He was dirt poor.  And don't forget the beatitudes.  Spiritual riches are the inheritance of a good person, not cash.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 3)
Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land. (Verse 4)
Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Verse 5)
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill. (Verse 6)
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. (Verse 7)
Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. (Verse 8)
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9)
Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10)
I have no advice, but here are my prayers...

Welcome to the forum, and :pray:

que Dios les bendiga.
Thanks a lot for the answers.

My life has been a little like a XVI and XVII century european war of religion.

Another question, is it possible to pray for dead protestant ancestors just in God gave them the Grace of purgatory?

I guess I have to remain silent most of the time, which is what I have done, when I try to show the contradictions in what he says with bible verses he gets quite angry.

Sometimes I really hate Luther for all the damage he has caused.
Yes, there is a limit for honoring your father: the moral order and your conscience.  You can tell your father, and you may mean it, that if he does not stops such kind of teasing, yuu will stop the 2 weekly meetings. You probably cannot change his view. but you should make it clear, thar neither he should and can change your faith.
You can privately pray for anyone who has died because we don't know if they had final repentance.  The Church, however, will not publicly pray for them or allow them to be buried in a Catholic cemetery, etc.

So, yes, IMO, you can pray for your Protestant ancestors that they somehow had final repentance and made it to Purgatory and/or Heaven, and also if they are in Purgatory their time is lessened.  In fact, I recommend it. 

Also, look into the Green Scapular and see if you can stash one by him without him knowing.  It might help.  But if he finds it, he'll probably blow a gasket, so....
I can't give any advice, but you'll be in my prayers - welcome aboard from a fellow-Argentinian! :)
(05-01-2010, 04:42 PM)justlurking Wrote: Basically he always blames me for not being wealthy. He says that God always blesses good christians, and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Salomon were all wealthy. So, I am a bad christian because I am not rich.

What do I tell him when he mentions how God blesses protestants much more than Catholics?

Well ask him how come the Catholic Church has got so much money then (according to popular myth the Vatican is drowning in money, works of art, precious metals, as well as owning a portfolio of prime real-estate all over the world?

Since the Catholic Church is the richest Church, his poorer church must be less blessed by God, right?  Makes sense to me.

And what about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, both atheists.  How come they've got so much loot if God is in control of the purse strings?

Mr Goldman and Mr Sachs?  Those are two great Christian names right?

Your FATHER is in Heaven.  Pray for your biological father.  If James02 and I are correct none of us are going to have much money left soon because the entire planet's economy is going to collapse like Argentina.  Your father will wonder why God has abandonned him and you'll be fine, because when you have nothing you have nothing to lose.

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