Ranking arguments against the NO
(05-09-2010, 06:58 AM)glgas Wrote:
(05-08-2010, 10:47 AM)Zakhur Wrote: It is impossible for an intellectually honest person to conclude, after a rigorous comparison of the texts of both missals, that the New Missal manifests the Faith better than the Tridentine Missal.  The fact is that the former does not manifest the Faith as well as the latter.

I am not sure that I understand you clearly, but as I read:

1./ when I will come back vacation I will put to the net the block by block comparison between the Vetera and Nova Mass. You will have the opportunity to show your compelling evidence for the Old. When I worked on that, I was surprised on the striking similarity between the two. 

2./ The fact is that there are about a million Masses every weekend according to the New Order for about 250 million faithful, who attend the New Mass, and they are less than 5000 Antiquior Masses at Sundays (overestimation) for less that half million people. Jesus Christ established the Eucharist, because he wanted met the people  with his body to help them to resist the cockle around us. He knew, that the cockle cannot be removed before the end of the time, but he also knew, that His presence is necessary all over the world, and today this realises only through the new Mass

He wants reality, not dreams.

Christ taught quality, not quantity. If it was quantity He was concerned with, He wouldn't have taught what He taught.

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