Chilling: Blood Money
There is much focus on other issues--"peace and justice" kinds--and so often the life issues are shoved aside.  There are court ordered forced abortions going on in this country already and obamacare has yet to really even kick in.  Was listening about thi  on Catholic radio just this morning. God is the Author of Life!  and  it seems that even many Catholics are forgetting this.

Please do what you can to promote Blood Money, an expose of Planned Parenthood's corruption. This is worth watching and passing on.  For those of you with daughters or know any teenage girls, here's another sign of our times.  Just wanted you to be aware of how Planned Parenthood 'educates' our youth and pockets the money.  It's only 3 minutes so please watch this Trailer.

In order to get the movie into theaters, the producers need to show that millions of interested people have visited the website. You need only visit the site; there is no need to sign-up as a supporter unless you feel compelled to do so. The website contains a trailer for the movie. Please visit the website, and forward this information to others: .
The site needs to get as many hits as possible for a chance for the movie to show up in theatres.

The trailer is found here:

BloodMoney is a documentary film that exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro Life perspective.

This film will examine the history of abortion in America, from the inception of Planned Parenthood and the profitability of abortion clinics, to Roe v. Wade, to the denial of when life begins, to the fight to save the lives of innocent babies, and the devastating effects it has had on the women that have had them.

I put my name on the list and joined through FB. Thanks!
Planned Parenthood need to end.
Chilling is right...
My wife is arranging a screening of Blood Money at our local Catholic HS. 

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