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I received this in e-mail, and have gone ahead and with permission posted the PDFs for anyone who wants to download them.  Personally, I think they are well-written.  Please put them to good use.

color is the color version of the file, bw the black and white one, supplied for ease of printing

Here is the explanatory e-mail I received:

Quote:Please find attached four pdf files containing templates for leaflets that can be printed and distributed widely.

They are being sent out with Father Morgan's approval and desire that we make good use of them.

Please save the attached files and e-mail them to all of your Catholic friends and contacts, both in Britain and abroad, in order to spread the templates widely so that the leaflets may be distributed amongst the general public to maximum effect and, also, so that the information contained therein may possibly be put to good use by our fellow Catholics in other countries.

There are two four-page, A5 sized, leaflets, both of which come with a choice of colour or black and white versions.

The templates can either be printed from a computer at home and then photocopied to make leaflets, or the preferred pdf files can be sent to a local print-shop in order to have them printed professionally.

When printed, the leaflets can be distributed wherever and whenever it is suitable to do so, i.e. through letterboxes in residential areas; in town centres and busy shopping streets; outside abortion clinics; in the vicinity of our churches and chapels, and so on.

Groups of faithful who live in the same towns or districts are encouraged to work together as a team in order to get the leaflets printed and distributed.

Whatever one is able to do to help, be it great or small, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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