Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
(05-07-2010, 09:57 PM)MaterLaeta Wrote: I have absolutely no background in philosophy and have a hard time reading some of it.  There is no way I would post a comment on it.

Ignoring your use of paralipsis I will just say that if you have trouble reading philosophy, it is because you are not starting at the very beginning. If you were to take a course in Formal Logic you would build up from there.  Until you have done that, you should not bother at all with theology, metaphysics, etc.  Logic is the essential foundation of knowledge - without it you can't deduce whether what you are reading is true or not.  Here is an example of how easy it is:

Bobo is my pet dog.  Bobo exists in reality.  In my mind I have a picture of Bobo the dog - that picture is called a phantasm.  In my mind I understand what "dogness" is - the aspects (called notes or quiddities in logic) of a dog that make him uniquely a dog and not a cat.  This idea of dogness is called the "concept".

In that one sentence you have learnt about universal concepts (dog), singulars (bobo), and the phantasm.

It all builds from there.

Oh - and just to reaffirm what I said in my previous comment - the concept of dog that you have has been learnt by you from your sense experience - it has not come from a magical "other place" as Platonists would have you believe.

It is the fact that all knowledge comes from the senses that we get our first (and most important) concept: being.  In other words "I exist, therefore I don't NOT exist" - the principle of non-contradiction upon which all reality stands.

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