Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
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(05-07-2010, 09:57 PM)MaterLaeta Wrote: I have absolutely no background in philosophy and have a hard time reading some of it.  There is no way I would post a comment on it.

Ignoring your use of paralipsis I will just say that if you have trouble reading philosophy, it is because you are not starting at the very beginning. If you were to take a course in Formal Logic you would build up from there.  Until you have done that, you should not bother at all with theology, metaphysics,

Hey take a look at this guy....this is exactly what I was talking about (all of it)......LOL

This is what happens when the Socratic approach is thrown out the window.  Philosophy loses all art and instead becomes solely a science, something that is far beneath its calling.  Philosophy is supposed to be above all arts and sciences and starts with a simple proposition: wonder.

Instead we get modern philosophers (who are really engaging in linguistic sophistry rather than philosophy) and empiricists who believe that nothing that can be weighed, measured, etc. really exists.

It's good to have a basis to understand philosophical discussion using convenient terms and lingo, but philosophy is not limited by that.

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